What’s Your Body Fat Percent?
Today, with overweight and obesity reaching epidemic proportions, many people are desperate to shed those unwanted pounds. The first step that you must take in the process of losing weight is to know your current body composition. If you do not possess that information, then you do not have a basis for outlining an effective diet and exercise program to meet your weight loss and weight maintenance goals. Each person’s program needs individualization, and body composition analysis is a must first step.

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What is BMI?
Body Mass Index is calculated for an individual on the basis of weight and height he has. In simple terms, BMI can also be counted as the amount of fat in the human body. People who have high BMI do not have any idea about the adverse effects they can face. Considering your weight and height, if you have a BMI value that is higher than normal, it points towards various health risks. People who are obese have a high BMI value and have greater chances of suffering from high blood pressure and cardiac issues. Reducing BMI requires both effort and dedication. To start with, you have to keep a check on what you are eating.