What is YOUR TDEE?
The amount of energy you eat each day in calories is TDEE, the total daily energy expenditure. TDEE is best calculated on the basis of your BMR or basal metabolic rate and level of activity.

Your total daily energy includes all the energy you use when sleeping, working and even eating. If you are trying to get the right diet for bulking or cutting, it is important to know your TDEE. 

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Maintaining a normal total energy expenditure value in form of calories is extremely important. If a person is taking too many calories and overweight, it increases the risk of heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure levels, and strokes etc.

If weight TDEE is not maintained, it does not only bring a very bad effect on your health with body Fat but also makes you feel socially uncomfortable and unaccepting in today’s society. And even if it does not, it lessens your life span by quite a large percentage. Therefore maintaining a healthy TDEE formula holds great importance.

It is said and has been proven, that maintaining the amount of weight which falls in a healthy range, keeps you more active and happier. It is also said that you feel much more confident about yourself. And loving you and feeling confident about yourself is something that is highly needed in order to become successful in life.

Moreover, if you fall in the overweight or underweight range, you must work on it and achieve your goal in order to stay fit. This will prove too beneficial in every way and in no time, you will surely start loving yourself.