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May 27

I Have A Theory on Vitamins

By Mark B. | Nutrition

I Have A Theory on Vitamins.

Vitamins, A to Z, do we need them?

Cellulose is an insoluble substance that is the main constituent of plant cell walls and of vegetable fibers such as cotton. It is a polysaccharide consisting of chains of glucose  (Sugar) monomers.

​What does all this have to do with Vitamins, and our obsession with all the many combinations of Supplements we buy.  I will get to that, but first we need some Background Information.

Humans as a species are unable to digest cellulose because the appropriate enzymes to breakdown the beta acetal linkages are lacking.  These enzymes are not part of our, human digestion systems and therefore require taking these enzymes as a supplement, purchased from most Health Food Stores.

Because we Cannot digest cellulose without this enzyme, it must ferment in our gut, leading to gas, (methane), and discomfort like  bloating and IBS.  There are also plenty of studies that show that this fiber will not and does not slow the release of insulin, and in some cases the spike is even more severe, but that is for a different Article.

In 1912, Casimir Funk originally coined the term "vitamine". The major period of discovery began in the early nineteenth century and ended at the mid-twentieth century.  Before this, Vitamins were obtained solely through food intake, and changes in diet (which, for example, could occur during a particular growing season) usually greatly altered the types, and amounts of vitamins ingested.

As you can see, Vitamins were obtained solely through food intake, and that was primarily Plant Based foods.

Most Vitamins that we are told to take Daily, are from Plants as well, and as stated above, we cannot break down the cellulose, so how do we get our vitamins?  

Let's leave that to Pharmaceutical Companies to answer, because they are more than willing to extract those vitamins from plants just for you and me.  Don't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

My Theory

So how did we get here?  We do not need to go back as far as 5,000 years, but that is where it all started.  As populations grew, it became more advantageous to feed the masses Grains, than to feed them the animal's.

Meat became less abundant, and was reserved for the Rulers, and Priests, one in the same back then.  Eating a Plant Based Diet, became almost Righteous and God Like, a myth perpetuated by the Kings and Priests most likely.

Everyone was a Vegetarian, and that became the "Right Thing To Do", but unnatural as far as Healthy Eating went.  But Health be Damned, it was economical for the Ruling Class, and most likely why Marie-Antoinette said “Let them eat cake!”.

As we crawled through history and into the present, we became aware of the declining Health of our population, the rise in obesity, Adult, and Childhood Diabetes, Alzheimer's, and so many other diseases that afflict everyone. How can that be, we eat a Godly Diet of Plants? 

There were no side dishes or accompaniments in today's sense, although bread was consumed by all classes following the introduction of wheat. Thereafter only the poorest, with no access to an oven,

So once again we turn to the Priesthood, and our Rulers for answers, guidance, and counsel and once again, they lead the way. The Priesthood of Science, based on Dogma, says "We believe you need Plants in your Diet", and our Rulers in Government, still based on economics say "Here Is your Daily Recommended Allowance". 

I am a Meat eater, and High Fat diet guy, it is natural as a species, and was what our ancestors, the Paleolithic Man, eat. They were not able to run to the Health Food Store, a buy Enzymes back then, yet survived quite well.  The fact is, they were on average 6" taller than we are today, had better bone density, less tooth loss, and lived into their 80's and 90's.

I am not just throwing these figures out there either, this is based on RNA and DNA Research done in the past 10  years from the Paleolithic bones, PS, there were no Virgins in the Paleolithic Crowd either.​  So it is quite simple really, if you can't break down cellulose in the plant structure, you can't get at the Vitamins.  So then, do you actually need them?  I say no, every vitamin your body requires is in the Natural food that our Bodies can process, without the aid of Man-Made Enzymes.

If we consume Carbohydrates, our body most raise Insulin levels to clear the Blood of Glucose, and when insulin levels reach 32 uU/mL, all Fat Burning STOPS.  This never happens if we eat only a Fat based Diet, we feel Less hunger longer, and have more energy throughout the day.

A Vitamin regiment from A to Zinc is a Myth, it is build on a failed model of bad dieting over centuries, and continues to this day.  Vitamins are a phydo fix, for a problem that should have never existed, and the Medical establishment refuses to step back and look at the bigger picture. 

“Vitamins are like the bodies additives, designed to boost performance, and because our Doctors are like an uninformed mechanic, we do as they say and take them, instead of putting in the proper fuels all along, it's that simple.”

Here is how I look at it, and you may find this analogy fitting as well.  If your vehicle requires High Octane for optimal performance, and you continue to put E85, a low octane fuel in the tank, the vehicle will run poorly, right?  If you ask your mechanic why it runs bad, and you can't even pull out into traffic without pinging, the mechanic will say to put an Octane Busting additive in your tank each time you fill-up.

A good mechanic should know better, but if he or she has never learned the importance of fuel, and what fuel your vehicle requires, then how could the mechanic ever know? 

Net Carbs
May 26

Net Carbs are a Scam

By Mark B. | Nutrition

Net-Carbs and the Glycemic Index Are Rubbish

OMG, OMG Net-Carbs is rubbish, you just crushed my LCHF Weight Loss Dreams, I Hate You!!!

So Sorry, but maybe after you finish this article you may have a change of heart, and even thank me, but I won't hold my breath.  

First let me say that in my opinion the Low-Carb High-Fat diet is among the best diets around as far as weight loss, and health and wellness goes.  

It is not as much of a diet as a way of life, and eating.  The LCHF diet takes us back to a time when Humans ate what was available and survived for millions of years before we became agricultural based and moved into the supermarket diets of today.

But...with thousands of years of mankind trying to fix every whiny sniveling complaint, it too has become bastardized into just another "FAD Diet", full of junk science designed to make everyone happy.  

It seems that we as humans can't, or won't, Kick the Carbs to the curb, I guess they taste so good that we have to find away around the health risks. To a cat, antifreeze taste so good that they will lap it up until they die from poisoning, sucks to be a cat, because they can't read, but we can.

This Article is my response to hundreds of Quora questions, and even more Facebook sighting of posts in the LCHF, Paleo, and Keto Groups, that have this obsession with all thing carbs, but with fewer Net-Carbs.  

Pancakes, Tortillas, Breads, Desserts, and Books and Post claiming "  A Million Recipes for Paleo", "LCHF Cookbooks for the Pizza Lover in you", and on and on, all based on Net Carbs.  

This is like Near-Beer to me, either quit, or don't, but you must decide and not cheat just because some BS Theory on Net-Carbs.  So let's take a closer look at the real problem with Real Carbs first.

LCHF Diet...Fail

The Main reason why the LCHF Diet is so successful, is due to the low carbohydrate intake and a no sugar approach to eating.  But there are 2 reasons why it fails from time to time.  

The First is due to the fact that many people forget the second half of the diet, and avoid the High-Fat part.  There is so much garbage science out there that says that saturated fats kill, that many will opt for high protein from lean cuts of meat, grass fed or skinless chicken instead, or count on nuts and oils, in an attempt to micromanage their fat/protein ratio.  

This approach is self defeating because 66% of all protein will be converted into carbohydrate in the body, putting everyone that does this back into a High-Carb mess.

But the most important reason why this diet fails is when we forget the main reason to avoid carbs in the first place, to lose weight!  As dieters, people of all stripes, become consumed with trivial things like numbers, math, factiods, and cheats, how can I? what if I? is this better than? I miss my (fill in the blank).

It is not enough to cut carbs to lose weight, we must get into Fat Burning stage, ketosis, and out of Fat Storage, and this is done when we keep our carbs Low Enough to maintain low insulin levels.  

This is the main reason why the LCHF Diet works, it is not because we eat less, or because we count calories so well, but because our bodies Burn Fat as we lower our insulin levels by cutting out the carbs.

Unfortunately for those in the failure column, as they cut the carbs, they forgot to add back in the fat, why? because they bought into all the myths about Saturated Fats.  

Our biochemistry has only two choices, when it comes to getting energy, burn Glucose (blood sugar) or burn Glucagon (fat), and it can only do one of them at a time.  This process once turned on will stay in that mode for 4 hours, and tends to overlap the time between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.  

It is not enough to just keep the total grams of carbs below a certain threshold for the day, but for each feeding, otherwise you will stay in fat storage throughout the whole day.

Biochemistry For Dummies?

Not to get all Sciencey and shit, but, we need to dabble a bit into the science of this.  What happens when we eat food?

Food is processed into energy through our sweet, and complex Biochemical Treatment Plant that is our body. The foods actually stimulate their own disposal, and the fuel themselves are the primary determining factor of their own disposal, this is called humoral.  

The very foods we eat regulates the enzymes, controls the concentration, they affect other chemicals that then adjust the enzyme's rate of activity, and rate of gene expression.  The expression is responsible for manufacturing the enzymes.  

Food leads to a release of hormones that are specific to the food eaten. It’s both the amount and the ratio of these hormones that dictate responses at the cellular level.  

Next, the enzymes control the flow within the cells and the tissues.  In the transition the liver switches from an origin that either uses carbohydrates as fuel and manufactures fat, or uses fat as fuel and produces ketone bodies. These enzymatic changes are caused by hormones, particularly the two pancreatic hormones, insulin and glucagon.

Ouch! Sorry​, but I thought it best to just rip the Band-aid off, and get it over quickly, and that was the simple version.  

What this all means is that the food we eat is what controls all the fat gain or loss, not what is on the Product label.  This image is what all that means, and how the liver flips that switch, from fat-burn to fat-storage. Click image to enlarge >>>

Net Carbs

Net-Carb, Glycemic Index, All Rubbish!!!

With this brief and basic understanding of what goes on in our bodies when we eat, I can now explain why the Net-Carbs Myth is such a hoax, and what we need to avoid dietary disasters in the future.

Even the researcher that tested the glycemic index were shocked when the results came in, yet the lie continues.  In a recent study, obese diabetics were fed two diets one was a high Glycemic Index and the other diet, low Glycemic Index foods.  They differed in their Glycemic Index by 50%.  

In the low Glycemic Index subjects, plasma insulin levels peaked 90 minutes after the meal, reaching 215 μU/mL. The subjects who consumed the high Glycemic Index meal had insulin levels that peaked at 150 minutes, reaching a slightly lower figure, 183 μU/mL.

There was no significant statistical difference however in the insulin levels of the two groups during the five hours that they were measured.  Wow, OMG!!!  

So much for a low Glycemic Index foods to prevent a high rise in insulin, remember, high insulin (above 32 uU/mL) equals fat storage. not fat burn.

The Main reason that most people go on the LCHF diet is to achieve weight loss, and what had me confused when I started writing this very Article was the Net-Carb aspect of the Low Carb part of the diet.  

It is true that fiber is indigestible, but it ferments in the lower intestine, taking more time, but you will still have the glucose in the blood and your insulin will still rise above 32 uU/mL.  

Therefore, DO NOT subtracted the fiber from the total carbs, what's the purpose in doing that when fiber will still allow glucose levels to rise to a level that stops all fat burning?  

This paragraph from the Book, The Glycation Facter -Greg Ellis, sums up the BS Science of the Glycemic Index perfectly.  "One could easily construct a daily diet, based on a variety of sugar-containing foods, such as jellybeans, chocolates, and other sugar-laden foods, while maintaining, at the same time, a low Glycemic Index food intake". 

Replacement Therapy

I know that giving up our Favorite, "Must Have" treats is awful, and such a sacrifice, but to lose weight and keep it off, to truly gain control of our weight, it must be done.  

There are NO Cheats, no cheat days or replacements for a bad habit, glycogen cycling will NOT jump start ketosis, and baking with coconut flour is just another spin on Net-Carbs.  

If you want a stack of pancakes, smothered with syrup everyday, then eat it, but if you want to lose weight, really lose weight, then don't eat it.

Every few days, lower your carb intake from 60%  to 55% and keep doing that until you are at 20% carbs, or under 75 grams per/day, then stay there and enjoy your new life.  

Each day increase your fat intake, real fat, heavy whipping cream in you coffee, real butter, cheese, cream cheese, bacon, high fat content hamburger, you get it, all the yummy stuff we have been told is bad for us. 

This is not a NO carb diet, use your allotted carbs in the foods you love, I personally use sugar in my coffee, and once in awhile I have a bun on my high fat content burger.

I try to never eat more than 20 grams of carbs in one meal, that way my insulin never goes to high, so try that, it works for me anyway.

"The one truth I know as fact is this, whining and sniveling, about all the foods missed by going on a LCHF Diet, never helped anyone lose a single pound of fat".-Mark Boyle

Weight Control
May 26

What Is Weight Control and How Do We Obtain it

By Mark B. | Nutrition

I'm not a Control Freak! but What Is Weight Control, and How Do We Obtain it?

People ask me, and others, what is weight control and how do we obtain it? so much so that I thought I would write an Article about this very question.  Body-weight control follows Newtonian Laws of Thermodynamics which were formulated several hundred years ago, yet we are still unsure about the whole Weight Loss issue.  Our bodies have a very sophisticated system for converting one form of energy to another and Nature provides that energy for human beings in various forms.

​Scientists have uncovered the processes by which the body converts chemical fuels into work, and govern biological energy conversions. Their studies have demonstrated the fascinating mechanisms by which organisms convert food to fuel, without an understanding of these guiding principles, we are prey to the hucksters with all their pills and snake oils and weight loss schemes.

​Although the Laws of Thermodynamics for animal metabolism is totally accepted among scientists, there is a disconnect among the purveyors of weight loss pills and regimens who argue against the existence of these guiding principles. Obesity is so prevalent, it can be directly attributed to the many “scientists” and dietary liers who have failed to help people understand these guiding principles. Instead they have continued to profit through the sales of their miraculous, no-effort, free-lunch weight loss plans.

​You Are Not Above The Law!

​In the World of weight control, you are the Judge, jury, and executioner.  As the Judge, you are in control of how you eat, what is allowed in your diet and how it is chosen.  Being the Jury, you most weigh the evidence provided by your bathroom scale, the tell of the tape, and if you are losing body fat, or lean muscle tissue.  Then you must execute the plan and stick with it until the goals are met.

Weight control or maintenance is governed by the Laws, the calorie value of the food we eat, and used by the body, must be equal to the body’s energy expenditure for body weight to remain constant. Therefore, the calorie value of food must be equal to the calories the body uses to perform work and to create heat that’s lost to the environment for body weight to remain constant. Calories-in Calories-out is the Law.

Thermodynamics.  When you fail to lose weight after cutting calories there is only one of two explanations, your math skills suck, and you are miscalculating calories consumed, or Metabolic Adaptations have occurred and you have miscalculated the proper amount of calories needed.  Here is the rule of weight control, Body weight will remain unchanged if the calories you eat match the calories you burn. end of story.

​Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse

Eat more than you burn and you gain weight; eat less and you lose weight. Whatever calories you eat in excess of what you need whether fat, carbohydrate, or protein are stored as fat.  Let's do some math, 3,500 extra calories will make a pound of fat, it may varies with body fat percent, but this is the norm.

So, only 10 extra calories daily are stored as fat, leading to a fat increase of 1 pound each year.  But what if we eat 100 calories more each day? well, that's approximately 1 pound per month, wow 12 pounds a year, every year.  If this continues for 20 years, you can expect to become very fat, on the upside, this math works in reverse as will.  But wait, you say, "I want to lose 10 lbs per week like when I started my New Fad Diet, I have a New outfit for the summer, and I have to lose weight faster".  Sucks to be you, but, the Law does not care if you are late to work, Right? you still get a Speeding Ticket.  

The Law of thermodynamics will always be followed within the bodies physiology, the same as your bodies temperature will be 98.6 degrees.  When your body temperature rises, your nervous system gives your sweat glands the Okay, and moisture appears on your skin, where it will eventually evaporates, cooling you down in the process.  This is something you Cannot Control, even if you hate sweating and have your New Outfit on.

When we start on a New Diet, any Diet, the first weight loss is water, not fat, so we end up thinking that we will consistently lose 10 or more pounds per week.  This misunderstanding will lead to frustration and confusion, while acceptance of the Laws that govern weight control, will lead to real weight loss.

Here Comes The Judge!

Just like a Judge presiding over a Court of Law, you  must preside over your dietary Proceedings as well.  To do this, you will need an understanding of the Law, and how it is applied within the Courtroom, or your body.  With that said, Do You Know How Many Calories You Need Per Day?  This is critical evidence needed, so let's figure it out, shall we?  The Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) of an individual comprises three parts 1. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) 2. Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) 3. Voluntary Physical Activity (PAL)

1. RMR, Resting Metabolic Rate, remember when teachers would say math may save your life someday, well we have calculators now.  So grab your calculator and let's save our lives, and remember, Judges Don't Cheat.  You’ll need to make an accurate measure of your weight and height. Let's assume that figuring out your sex and age is easy, well maybe not these days. Once you have these four pieces of information, we will figure out your RMR.  

  1. Convert your weight in pounds to kilograms (kg) by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2.
  2. Convert your height in inches to centimeters (cm) by multiplying your height in inches by 2.54.
  3. Pick the appropriate formula for your sex (M = males, F = female).

First do the 3 multiplications, the ones in (brackets),  Follow the multiplication steps by the additions and subtractions. Once completed, you’ll have an estimate of your RMR in calories a day.  These formulas are very accurate. For most people, they predict RMR within 5% of that measured in a laboratory.  Example Dude: 6'2" 45 year old 200 Lbs Male

200 pounds divided by 2.2 = 90.91 kilograms times 9.99 = (908.18)

​6 feet times 12 inches in a foot = 72 + 2= 74 times 2.54 = 187.96 times 6.25 = (1174.75)

​45 years old times 4.92 = (221.4)

So, 908.18 + 1174.75 - 221.4 = 1861.53 RMR this is what it takes for our Example Dude to live

There are plenty of these calculators online, but doing this is quite easy, and private, this is the most critical part of your metabolism. the RMR, this is the first step in gaining control over your body weight. 

PS Hate Math? Click here for RMR Calculator

2. TEF The digestion of food consumes calories, "Back in the Day" the calories burned during food digestion was called Specific Dynamic Action. The modern terminology is the Thermic Effect of Food or TEF.  It is well known that TEF accounts for about 6-10% of the Total Daily Energy Expenditure. TEF is relatively constant and not easily changed. Therefore there’s no need to spend our time exploring TEF, Yea, no Math.

2. PAL Physical Activity Level, is the most variable. And it’s under your control, unlike RMR. You can choose to move or not to move.   Let's take a look at just how much you move, and how more math can help.  There are a few ways to determine how many calories you burn each day doing stuff.  One is getting hooked up to the machine and breathing into a hose for 30 minutes, Boreing!!!  Or you can measure TDEE by the doubly-labeled water technique.  These techniques require a Laboratory and, oh yeah, money.  So we are stuck with math...again.

​The purpose behind these calculations is to help you understand that there are Laws in operation Your Honor, yes you are still in your Judges Robe.  These Laws as mentioned determine your bodyweight. When you thoroughly understand the Laws, you’ll be free of the bondage that has been created by the confusion and misinformation sold to us by a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry. These Laws are as Rock Solid as the fact that water freezes at 32 degrees.

TDEE ​Total Daily Energy Expenditure is the final results that we seek for True and Accurate Weight Control.  World Health Organization in 1985 expressed the calorie needs of adults as multiples of RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).  The expert committee on energy requirements came up with the formulas, and has been shown to be spot on, and it saves us from building a Laboratory in our garages, so let's take a look.  These are for light, moderate, or heavy occupational work, respectively, meaning both male and female because if you remember the RMR formula was different for M or F.

For Men are 1.55 Light, 1.78 Moderate, and 2.10 Heavy, times RMR.

For Women 1.56 Light, 1.64 Moderate, and 1.82 Heavy, times RMR.

Example Dude above has an RMR​ of 1861.53, so let's do this, 1861.53 times 1.55 = 2885  for Light Work and is His TDEE

As a result of the studies completed over the last 20 years, we can accurately predict RMR, Resting Metabolic Rate, and with that we know our Total Daily Energy Expenditure by using the mathematical formulas.  See, math is cool...sometimes.

The Jury Is Out!

As the jury, you need to pass the verdict, but only after great deliberation.  To decide, here are the facts on TDEE:

  • Bicyclist in the Tour de France, had a TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) of 4.7 X RMR during the 21 days of the bicycle race.
  • Athletes involved in sled hauling across the Arctic, achieved a TDEE of 4.5 X RMR during a 20-day event.
  • In a study of male Nordic skiers, a TDEE value of 3.5 X RMR was the calorie burn of cross- country skiing. 
  • Soldiers, indicate an energy output of 4,300 calories a day. This is a TDEE of 2.4 X RMR.
  • Calorie burning for lumberjacks, is 4,665 calories a day TDEE = 2.6 X RMR This level of calorie burning is sustainable because these workers do it year after year as part of their employment.

So my question to the jury is this, do any of those activities sound like your average day?  Most Folks will answer, NO, so what should you use as a multiplier? I would recommend 1.55 for men, and 1.56 for the ladies, as a Starting point unless you really do work that hard, it's up to you, the jury.

​Google this shit, or Buy a book listing the calorie content of all the foods you eat, you are not trying to become a Chef, so this should be a short list. Use your RMR and do the math to get your TDEE, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure as a starting point.  Eat that number of calories each day, weighing yourself every day, and record these values on a spreadsheet, or just write it down.  You want to do this for at least one week, or two weeks, if the calories that you eat matches the number you’re burning, your weight will remain stable.

For Example Dude, we calculated his Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is 2885 calories a day for light work. With his Google List of calories in foods, he starts to consume 2885 calories a day. At the end of one week, his scale shows that he gained 1/2 pound. This is equivalent to an extra 1,750 calories based on 3500 calories = 1 Pound, intake above his calorie needs for the seven-day period.

So Example Dude Divides 1750 by 7. This equals 250 calories a day. For the next week, Example Dude makes adjustments by subtracting 250 calories from the 2885 calories that he was eating. For the second week of his experiment, he eats 2635 calories a day.  At the end of the week, he evaluates whether his weight has increased, decreased, or remained stable.

If after 2 week, your weight is stable, you're Golden, but if it went up, remember that 3500 calories equals 1 pound, so let me do the math differently than Example Dude, I have my calculator out.  If you gained 1 pound in 2 weeks, you ate an extra 3500 calories, or 250 per day or 83 per meal, based on 3 meals per day.  Now get your list and find that 83 calories you ate at every meal, and remove it, this can be done easily by eating smaller portions or dropping that medium Soda at every meal,  done and done.

It really is this simple once you get your number in order, but whatever you do, DO NOT use calories based on net carbs, it is a Horse Shit Scam, and will take you longer to dial in your number.  Why? because you are magically removing carbs from the mix and maybe the calories as well, because it's magic, we don't know.  Whether you believe in Net Carbs  or Not, you can not get accurate TDEE using flawed calorie numbers, stick with the facts, and what is known at first.

The Executioner Has Arrived!

I love the low-carbohydrate diet. If you follow the LCHF as I do, one of its features is that it causes diuresis (loss of water). This early water loss can be significant. And,water loss is one of the key features used by promoters of the low-carbohydrate diet to sell their program.

Do not get confused, it’s not fat loss; it’s water loss. Therefore, if there’s a significant loss of water weight, it’ll be difficult, during the first few weeks, to use the technique we discussed for your calorie needs. After several weeks of low-carbohydrate eating (or any diet), water balance returns to normal.  If you are new to weight control and a LCHF Diet, find out where you are today, first, so you’ll know where you are as time continues with this whole weight control thing.

All of the evidence has been presented, the math has worked out and you have found your true Total Daily Energy Expenditure, it's time to Execute your Plan for Weight Control.  If you stay on track, and use the math to keep your calories Balanced, you can lose, or gain weight at will.  I hope this helps solve the mysteries shrouding diet, and weight control, I know for those that continue, and remain steadfast with this, it will.  I know because this works for me, and I live the LCHF way of life.  If you avoid all the BS, stop looking for all your favorite foods you miss, and just look at it like buying gas at the fuel pump, get the fuel you need and move on, you will remain in Control.

PSS CALORIES-IN, CALORIES-OUT, it really is that simple.

Much of the data in my Article is from Dr. Ellis's Ultimate Diet Secrets, and based on his research, he is a Doctor, I am Not.  I wrote this Article to force myself to gain a better understanding of weight control and why it has worked for me for the last 5 years. Simplifying the concept helps me get my head around the information, and it is my hope this short overview helps you as well.  Get Dr. Ellis's book here for a true immersion into this Study.

If You Enjoyed This Article, Let Me Know!

Nutritional Study
May 25

Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits

By Mark B. | Nutrition

Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits

To Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits, the first step is to determine your desired results.  So let me start by saying that no matter what it is in life that you want to do, or learn, there is a Right Way, and a Wrong Way.  

If you will be building something for your House let's say, a Table, you should have a idea of it's shape and size, it's overall dimensions.   So for examples sake, we have seen DIY tables, some turned out Awesome, and some, Not so awesome

This is our starting point, we, want a Round, Bistro Height, and Level table so now we know exactly what we do not want,   we don't want Square, Short, Uneven, or Wobbly table.  

A great sculpture once said, " I didn't carve a great statue, I just removed everything that did not look like the person I was sculpting".  Now let's see how we can apply this simple DIY process to Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits, as it pertains to Learning.

What I Do NOT Want To Learn!

I for one have Zero interest in learning about Junk Science, based on poorly done research, from some skewed interpretation from anyone.  It makes no difference if this information comes from the Science Community, the Medical Establishment or the Media, it will always be a waste of my time.

So how do we know that all these things we read are bad information, we are not Scientist, or Doctors? That is a very good question, and because we have just started our "Info Quest" we will get to that in a bit.  But for now we can look at all of the failed diets, and misdirection coming from all we see on TV, YouTube, and Blogs.  

Ask yourself this:

  • Have all the Diets Slowed or Reversed Obesity?
  • Has the Childhood Diabetes Epidemic slowed or stopped?
  • Has The FDA's Food Pyramid and now the MyPlate advice made us any Healthier?
  • When have you heard a Doctor say "We need More Fat and Less Carbs"? Never

There are countless questions you could ask, and get the same No as well.  

So, I think you can see by this questions that we know what does not work. So ask yourself, do I want Diabetes, or to become over weight, then why start with those tired and worn-out concepts?  

To gain knowledge we have to remove concepts that don't work, and never have. this removal process will help in all studies, regardless of topic.

Getting A Historical Perspective​

If we could set down in a Time Machine, and go back in time 200 Years, would the "Early Bird" still get the worm, would the Rabbit still set in the shade of the meadow and nibble on grass, would the Big Cats still hunt their prey, and would the Wolf still hunt in packs?  

If Yes, It is reasonable to believe that the Human Animal should still eat the same foods today as we, ate 200 or a Million years ago.  

As recent as 1946, at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, which included a 40-acre display of tropical plants including Bananas. It is said that bananas are so awesome because of their contents, Potassium: 9% of the RDI. Vitamin B6: 33% of the RDI...and blah, blah, blah.

london 1946 first bananas

Lettuce was first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians who turned it from a weed whose seeds were used to produce oil, into a food plant grown for its succulent leaves and oil-rich seeds. Depending on the variety, lettuce is an excellent source of vitamin K 20% RDI, or higher, and vitamin A 97% RDI, plus 21% pro-vitamin...and blah, blah, blah.

The fact that if you Google "Healthy Foods", most of what appears in the Images will be a lot of Fruits and Vegetables, that did not exist 100 years to 5000 years ago. Of those Fruits that existed back in the Paleolithic Age, the varieties were far less then we see today, they were seasonal, and consumed by birds, critters and bugs before man got to them.

So it is apparent that if we spend time learning about what Nutritionists say about Healthy eating, due to all the vitamins and minerals, we will be heading in a wrong direction.  Not because they are foolish, but because of the simple fact that the human animal has survived long before these items ever became popular or even known to humans.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With The First Step​ the right direction.

So now we know what our Table should not look like, we know what the experts have said does not work, and we have concluded that their Designs and Ideas have no Historical merits.  

Now it is time to design and build "Our" Table, so back to the first statement, To Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits, the first step is to determine your desired results.  May I assume that because we are speaking of Nutrition, that, that is our desired results.

For the sake of this post, we'll stick with the Table oenology, we want it to be Solid, and a good sturdy foundation.  So let's build it from what we know to be solid, Biochemistry, and Physiology!!!  You're thinking, that sounds VERY complicated, and I will not Lie, it can be, if you listen to all the noise out there.  

We now know what we don't want it to look like, and therefore we have filtered out all the noise that does not work, and is factually inaccurate. As we start to Research information, and watch videos on Nutrition, we now have a Baseline to compare what we learned, to what we Do Not Want.  This has shortened our Info-Quest by a hefty factor, and though Biochemistry is complex, we are not going for a Masters Degree.  

What we are looking for is exactly how the food we eat, is processed, in our bodies, and that is just one of the thousands of thing that go on in our bodies continually.

While watching Videos, Reading Books, and Articles, you will continue to compare the newly acquired information against your list of Do Wants, and Do Not Wants.  If you read an article on Carb-Loading Pre Workout, does it work with your Design?  Carb-Loading is Built on the Paradigm that only Glucose make muscles work, and Gives you Energy.  

Fact 1: Mountain Men.  Like Lewis and Clark's men, each eat 6 to 8 Pounds of meat daily, their Packs weighed an average of 100 Lbs, they carried canoes miles around waterfalls, and those canoes were not the Ultralight REI's new ones. 

Fact 2: Dr. Stefansson, he documented the fact that the Inuit diet consisted of about 90% meat and fish; Inuit would often go 6 to 9 months a year eating nothing but meat and fish

Some years after his first experience with the Eskimos, Dr. Stefansson returned to the Arctic with a colleague, Dr. Karsten Anderson, to carry out research for the American Museum of Natural History. They were supplied with every necessity including a year's supply of 'civilised' food. This they declined, electing instead to live off the land. In the end, the one-year project stretched to four years, during which time the two men ate only the meat they could kill and the fish they could catch in the Canadian Arctic. Neither of the two men suffered any adverse after-effects from their four-year experiment.

 Fact 3: The Maasai are a pastoralist tribe living in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Traditionally, the Maasai diet consisted of raw meat, raw milk, and raw blood from cattle. Note that the Maasai cattle are of the Zebu variety. In the summer of 1935 Dr. Weston A. Price visited the Maasai and reported that according to Dr. Anderson from the local government hospital in Kenya most tribes were disease-free..  Two thirds of their calories come from fat, and they consume 600 - 2000 mg of cholesterol a day.

My Journey

Learning for me has always been Kinda Fun, in a Sick way, I will watch an hour long video, and Filter out all that is Science Fact, based on what I have previously learned, and consider the rest as just Filler.  As I learn more and more this process becomes much easier to filter, based on the known facts gathered over time.

If you are asking, How do we determine Known Facts?​  Then you get a Gold Star, we know this by testing them.  Here is how I know that Fiber is NOT required, and causes Inflammation in the joints. and IBS, because I suffered from Chronic Joint Pain, and had Irritable Bowel Syndrome since the age of 17.

One of my Go-To Biochemist, and Nutritionist, Dr. Gregory Ellis, he has tons of great videos on YouTube, I Recommend watching as many as you can, finding a starting point.  

While watching one of his videos, he mentioned Fiber, and that he hasn't eaten Fiber for years, and is just fine.  He went on to say that Fiber must Ferment in the Gut, due to it being Cellulose based, and that we don't have the Enzyme to break it down.  This fermentation process causes bloating and inflammation.

Well, I thought, I should give this a try, after all it is not illegal, and the Fiber Police won't arrest me, so why not.  In the first week I noticed my joints no longer hurt, I also noticed in time that I no longer suffered from IBS.  

That was 4 years ago, I still don't eat Fiber, and all those things "They" the Experts said would happen if we don't eat Fiber everyday, Never Happened. So that is now, for me, Science Fact,  and with that fact, I now can understand why the Glycemic Index is based on Garbage as well, it is the Fiber that is what they say slows the Insulin Spikes.  

Yet Science has proven that you will still get a Spike in Insulin, it will just be 30, or more mins later, so It doesn't work, and I get that, because I know that we don't need fiber in our diet, and it is unnatural to eat anything Cellulose Based.

It is these simple, and small Science Facts that will make their giant House of Cards, built on Myths, Medical Folklore and Agendas, fall down, and help you Maximize your studies.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it! And leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic.

Exercising Verses Dieting
May 24

Exercising Verses Dieting

By Mark B. | Nutrition

Exercising is not the same as Dieting

Exercising Verses Dieting, Recently I read this question on a Forum, "This may sound weird, but I lose zero weight when I exercise, but I can lose almost a pound a day when I don’t.  I used my elliptical for half an hour and ate my usual 1,250 calories. The scale didn’t budge. I tried adjusting my calories and watching my sodium, with no luck.  I stopped exercising and just watched what I ate.  When I do that, I lose a lot of weight."
Why is this?

Obviously there is a lot of information missing from this question, mainly the diet this person eats and how they derived at their Total Daily Energy Expenditure, or TDEE, but it does bring up a very good discussion.  To keep this Short-n-Sweet we will avoid all the science mambo jumbo, and take an easier look at exercising and eating, or dieting. 

Exercise is an activity that will help you improve many aspects of you physical being, your physique, it helps with endurance, cardio, and helps tone muscles, in the same way a tune up will help your car run better, diet on the other hand is what we eat, the fuel we burn in our cars, or our bodies.  With this simple comparison we can start to figure out why we don't always lose weight even though we exercise regularly.

Check the Fuel Gauge First.

TDEE Total Daily Energy Expenditure (calculator here), is the final results that we seek for True and Accurate Weight Control. The World Health Organization in 1985 expressed the calorie needs of adults as multiples of RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). The expert committee on energy requirements came up with the formulas, and has been shown to be spot on, so once we know how much fuel we will burn, we know how much to put in our Tanks, or our stomachs.

Look at it this way, your car gets 25 MPG, so if you need to drive 100 miles, only put 4 gallons in your tank, and our bodies are much the same.  If you burn 1500 calories per day, TDEE, then put only 1500 calories in the tank, by doing this you will have no need to burn off those EXTRA Calories.  If you are working out and Exercising every day, just do the math, and you will have the proper amount of fuel for that days activities, or drive.

Too many people overeat on a daily bases and try to work those extra calories off at the gym, unfortunately their bodies have already processed those calories into body fat. Here is an article I put together on how this all works, the science plus the math to help you out with TDEE.

Muscle Vs Fat

Muscle weighs the same as fat, the same as a pound of lead weighs the same as a pound of feathers, muscle is more dense and compact, where as fat is fluffy, so to speak, and takes up more space, or volume in your body. That means if you gain muscle, because your Workouts are Working, your scale weight may go up even as you're slimming down.  Many people forget this and become disillusioned and unhappy with their diet and or exerciser plan, and lose focus on their goals.  Your goal should be getting into shape and looking great in that new swimsuit, not just a number on a scale.

My wife looks great, and her body fat is around 17%, which is a awesome number, she works out everyday and plays Softball, yet there are other gals that do the same workouts at her gym and also play on her Softball League, but aren't even close to her body fat percentage.  As you can see, Exercise is not the only factor in weight loss, in fact it has very little to do with weight loss at all.

Both my wife and I are on a Very Low-Carb Diet, and yes, we eat a very High Fat diet, our fuel is from fat, not carbs.  I say VERY low Carb because most so-called LCHF Diets are telling people to consume from 100 to 200 grams of Carb per day.  The dietary guidelines recommend that carbs should provide 45 to 65 percent of your daily calorie intake. So if you eat a 2000-calorie diet, you should aim for about 225 to 325 grams of carbs per day, and that is just insane, plus, 200 grams of carbs per day will also raise insulin levels too high to burn fat.  I stay way below the dietary guidelines for sure, and keep my Carb intake below 75 grams per day, my wife is at less than 10 Grams of carbs per day.

I Never Go To The Gym...almost never

Unlike my lovely wife, I only go to her Gym when she is in a competition, and there had better be a Bar-B-Que in progress,  sense I never see the inside of a gym, and if exercise is the end all, be all, to weight loss, I should be a big fat-fatty, but I'm not.  Exercise can accomplish many thing, weight loss, unfortunately is not one of them, so what is?

Beating a dead horse won't help anyone lose weight, and it is just wrong, what did that horse ever do to you? but, it is all about Calories-in, Calories-out, yep, Thermodynamics, that proverbial Dead Horse of Counting Calories.  Most experts these days say that you don't need to be bothered with counting calories, and that it is not that important, I disagree.  

If you do any research on most of the popular diets, you will see this calorie counting theory in disguises like, Portion sizes, Macro, Points, you name it, it's there, it's all the same, they have just changed the names to protect you from math, and make money.  The established experts will say that it is to complicated, and most people won't keep an accurate accounting,  and that may be true, but if you want to control your weight, you have to try.

There is a reason for this, and the reason proves my point that Calories do count, every diet must be approved by a Medical Doctor it they say words like You Will Lose Weight, Proven Results, listen to any Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or Nutra Systems advertisements, and it is there.  and those Doctors MUST follow the established FDA Guidelines, or lose their Licence.  So what are these Guidelines, just look at MyPlate, and I'm not saying check out what I had for dinner, no, the Federal Government's, MyPlate. Go here to see 

MyPlate is divided into four sections of approximately 30 percent grains (Carbs), 40 percent vegetables (Fiber, or cellulose and more Carbs), 10 percent fruits (Fructose or sugar, I mean Carbs) and 20 percent protein (of which 66% become Carbs), accompanied by a smaller circle representing dairy, such as a glass of skin milk or a yogurt cup, or ice cream (PS, More Carbs)...and very, very low fat consumption.

Here is the proof that Calories still count, according to the FDA, Click on the image to the right and read the fine print at the bottom.  Let me clarify, the values shown in percentages are the percentage of the Daily Value based on...wait for it, 2000 Calories per day, OMG, the Calories Theory still matters to the FDA.  The FDA and their evil twin the AMA, are the ones that hand out the licences to Doctors, and Doctors make up those fancy Fad Diets.

I am not bashing on the Calories-in, Calories-out Theory, just the Doctors that make up Diets, diets we follow and can't lose weight on.   Thermodynamics is not a theory it is a Scientific Fact, and is how our bodies "Burn" the food we eat, and that is why we must count calories, not because the government says so, but because of our Physiology.

WTF, if you listen to your Doctor, Nutritionist, or Dietitian (Licence by Big Brother) you will be eating way too much surgery foods, and in a real diabetic danger.  To lose weight, he or she will tell you to cut back on the amount of food you eat and supplement with wholesome snacks like salads with zero fat dressing containing few Calories or fruit containing more Sugar.  

You will become hungry and starving in the face of obesity, so you will cheat because counting calories sucks, and chips taste good, guilt sets in and you head out to the gym to burn those "Bad Calories" wake up and do it all again.

It's Yo-Yo Time

This is not a CrossFit expression like AMRAP, EMOM or WOD, it is an acronym for Your On Your Own, and it means that help will not be coming from the Medical Establishment, your on your own.  To brake the Eat too much, Exercise too Much, and Lose too little Cycle, you need to understand that the types of fuel you eat, will make all the difference,

There are thousands of Peer Reviewed research papers out there today that prove beyond any doubt, that it is not Fat, or High  Cholesterol that causes all of our diseases, but Carbohydrate consumption.  Your Doctor can not legally tell you, for fear of losing his or hers licence, but the facts are there, and you must find them.  

It will seem to be an impossible task when a Google Search for healthy foods will find over seven hundred million results in less then one second, so start simple, read books by biochemist like Greg Ellis' book The Glycation Factor, or thinkers like Russ Scala's book American Biohacker, as a Starting Point and go from there.

Use the time you would spend watching Survivor, to read, to learn, and to educate yourself on a LCHF, Keto diets, and give it a try.  

It is not illegal to eat a Steak smothered in Butter, or to give up Carbs in most countries, but it is illegal for me to say it will help, so you must determinate what works for you and stick with it, IF it works for you, keep doing it, and you will reach your weight goals.

Carb Based Diets
May 24

Carb Based Diets, What your Doctor will never tell you.

By Mark B. | Nutrition

Carb Based Diets.

Carb Based Diets are Deadly, but we can't blame Doctors altogether, what they know about Nutrition would fit in a neat 3-4 page pamphlet.  So who is to Blame?  Everyone, You, Me, the Medical Establishment, The Media, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and even Big Google, yes it's all our faults.

It is sad with so much readily available knowledge around us, that that in itself, becomes the problem, let me explain.


So when can Too Much Information, and Not Enough Information, come together all in one space?  There are literally thousands upon thousands of Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies, Journals, and Papers out there on just Diet, or Carbs, or Vitamins, Carb Based Diets, or Fat, yet each one has a specific purpose, and reason for it's existence.  We are drowning in information, with no Lifeguard in sight.

The myth that carbs are the primary fuel of the body is just one over studied and misleading piece of the TMI Factor.  It is true that Sugar, or Blood Glucose is burned as fuel if there is no alternative​ fuel, but fat has been the most prevalent fuel throughout history.  So when Doctor and Heart Surgeon Dr. Lundell tries to bring some clarity to the masses, he gets some of it right, and other parts wrong.

The Article below uses Evidence based systematic Review to make his point on Inflammation, what Evidence based systematic Review means, is that they, or Dr. Lundell in this case, will look for evidence that supports the Theory he is making, based on the plethora of information out there, picking and choosing so to speak.  

James Burke explains this in "The Day The Universe Changed", and is a philosophical idea that the universe essentially only exists as one perceives it through what one knows; therefore, if one changes one's perception of the universe with new knowledge, one has essentially changed the universe itself.

"When we consume simple carbohydrates such as sugar, blood sugar rises rapidly. In response, your pancreas secretes insulin whose primary purpose is to drive sugar into each cell where it is stored for energy.

Insulin's primary Purpose is not to Drive sugar into the cell to be stored as energy, but to be used as energy as it occurs.

If the cell is full and does not need glucose, it is rejected to avoid extra sugar gumming up the works. When your full cells reject the extra glucose, blood sugar rises producing more insulin and the glucose is then converted to stored fat.

What does all this have to do with inflammation? Blood sugar is controlled in a very narrow range. Extra sugar molecules attach to a variety of proteins that in turn injure the blood vessel wall.  

This process is called Glycated Proteins.

This repeated injury to the blood vessel wall sets off inflammation. When you spike your blood sugar level several times a day, every day, it is exactly like taking sandpaper to the inside of your delicate blood vessels.

Dr. Dwight Lundell MD. 

The above Article is a great read and is extremely informative, as it pertains to a Low Carb Based Diets.  But inflammation is not the only problem we have and he leaves a lot on the table.  

The Meat and Potatoes of Food

I titled this the meat and potatoes for a reason, meat is high in fat and potatoes are high in carbohydrates, so yeah...pun intended.

Malonyl COa  and CPT1 are the 2 systems or determining factors to weight loss or the chronic health issues we face today. As our body processes the food we eat for fuel, one of two things happen, and that process will determine whether we gain weight, or get lean, and healthy.

When we consume  Carb Based Diets, Malonyl COa interrupts CTP1, and because Malonyl COa is a committed step it is not reversed for 4 hours.  During those hours all fat is stored, as opposed to burned, and the glucose is absorbed into the cells to be used as fuel.   But when we eat a High Fat diet, CTP1, an enzyme from the liver will allow fat to be carried to the cell through the mitochondria and used as fuel.

High levels of glucose are what triggers the pancreas to make insulin as discussed in Dr. Dwight Lundell's article, and also causes the substance Malonyl COa to shut down CPT1.  Because Carbs are so low in calories and have such high levels of glucose, blood sugar, it requires insulin to get that glucose into the cell membrane.  So in effect, you receive very little energy from the food you have eaten, and have now FORCED your body's biochemistry to add another layer of fat.

You are left with cravings and when the muscle tissue asks for more fuel, you will obey, causing you to overeat, and giving up on your daily calorie count.​

Less Information is Better.

​Why you may ask?  Because these two pathways are all you really need to know and understand, you can burn Sugar, or Fat.  Every sense we as humans have went on the modern diet, 50-60 years, we have gotten Fatter, have a greater risk of heart disease, and diabetes is now at epidemic proportions.

But we have been an agricultural society for over 10 thousands years, so this goes back a long time, but it wasn't until recently that we have had such a variety of choices, and information.​  Farms and Pharmaceuticals companies are larger, and with the advent of Big Media, supply Chains that reach around the World, we now suffer from not only Information Overload, but a plethora of diseases unknown to mankind before.