What is YOUR BMR?
The amount of energy you eat each day in calories is TDEE, the total daily energy expenditure. TDEE is best calculated on the basis of your BMR or basal metabolic rate and level of activity. BMR is the calories you burn at rest every day.

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Knowing the BMR – A starting point for weight loss
Basal metabolic rate and its knowledge are considered as a ‘’starting point’’ for the weight loss process.
The initial advice given by the experts to anyone who plans on losing weight is the calculation of the basal metabolic rate.

Weight is reduced and lost once a person’s total caloric intake becomes lesser than the calories that the individual is burning throughout the day. And therefore, after knowing the BMR, you are easily put into the state of knowing how to reduce the number of calories that you consume every day. And obviously, once you do it, weight loss will easily follow afterwards. Basically, it provides you with a rough idea of the number of calories you require each day to lose some weight keeping in view the number of calories your body is ‘’naturally’’ burning through the process of doing nothing but existing.

Sari Greaves who is a well-known dietitian describes the calories burnt at rest as ‘’Couch-potato calories’’. Which when thought of, is practically true as you are burning those calories, not because of exercising or engaging yourself in some activity, but only because your organs are performing their activities. And more interestingly, it makes up 60 percent of the calories that you have consumed per day. The left over 40% are lost through your

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